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Unsolved Mysteries

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The CCC Break-in and Cover-up
On August 11, 1999, seven files disappeared from the supposedly "locked" RMHS office of the Chinese Culture Connection (CCC). To date, the mystery of the missing files has never been solved and, until recently, the shameful treatment of this non-profit organization by Superintendent Harutunian and members of the Reading School Department was all but forgotten. To read more about the CCC files and the mysterious circumstances surrounding their disappearance, please access the following link.

The Anonymous Letter
Since February 2000, an anonymous letter has been circulating around the Town of Reading with the stated purpose of informing "the Town Manager, The Reading School Department, the Reading School Committee and the residents of the Town of Reading about the criminal behavior of the Town Electrician, (The Electrician) and the cover-up by Dr. Harry Harrutunian." The letter, addressed to (and received by) public officials and referenced at public meetings, is public information. Why has this matter NOT been further investigated? To read more about the anonymous letter, please access the following link.

The Destruction of Federally-Mandated Asbestos Records - The identity of the Harutunian-era Reading school employee who disposed of (shredded) these Federally-mandated asbestos records is known and her identity will be revealed at the appropriate time.

On whose orders did these records disappear? Why? Who benefitted from this action?




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