Reading Massachusetts Education

The website of the National Association for the Prevention of Teacher Abuse (NAPTA) is an incredible resource for anyone who has suffered at the hands of school officials and administrators. - Another promising organization with the goal of bringing accountability back to public education.
The website helps to provide information on issues in Illinois education to the parents who are consumers of that education, to the taxpayers who pay for it, and to everyone who wants to restore quality to Illinois schools.
"Bully OnLine is the world's largest resource on bullying and related issues" and is filled with useful information regarding the psychology of those who make a habit of threatening, bullying and intimidating others. Principals, superintendents and head teachers are commonly identified serial bullies.

U.S. Department of Education - Family Policy Compliance Office (FPCO) - The obligations of your State and local educational agencies regarding student records and directory information.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - Keeping Your School Records Private - Information for students and parents regarding privacy and school records.
The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), a resource for concerned taxpayers.
Site displays timely, relevant and comparable school, district and state data required to be publicly reported by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, the education reform initiative
championed by President George W. Bush and supported by broad bipartisan majorities in Congress.
The Texas Educators Witness Protection Program, a special project of Americans for Prosperity Foundation.
A nationwide organization of citizen leaders committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity.
The Unofficial Plano Independent School District School Page - Another website dedicated to providing useful information and exposing waste in their public schools.
Citizens of Plano, Texas have been dealing with problems for years (see info on Delphi Technique).
Lynn Stuter
's website contains information about a variety of educational subjects including consensus building, the Delphi Technique and the manipulation of group dynamics.
The website of David Blomstrom. A former teacher, he's been through hell and is willing to talk about it!
Concerned Parents of Reading, Massachusetts (CPR) question the use of University of Chicago School Math Programs (UCSMP) in the Reading Elementary Schools (K-6).

NYC HOLD - Honest Open Debate On Mathematics Education Reform - "The performance of American students in mathematics is mediocre at best. In many cases, mathematics instruction is not serving our children's best interests. In order to help all students achieve success in school mathematics courses, to be adequately prepared for mathematics based college courses and careers, it is important to examine the direction of recent attempts at mathematics education reform."
The Americian Society for Ethics in Education.
Reading, Massachusetts seems to have a shortage of ethical people in influential positions of authority.
Promoting safe, healthy, high performance schools.
A computer-based learning system to help fill the gaps in Reading's curriculum. There's nothing wrong with a little tutoring - everybody does it though few Reading parents are willing to admit it.
Good books.
Healthy Kids: The Key To Basics (Educational Planning for Students with Chronic Health Conditions) New York Healthy Schools Network, Resource Guide On Children's Environmental Health
Mass Pesticide Regulations, "Children's Protection Act" Massachusetts Healthy Schools Network information resources.
"Welcome to the world of block scheduling, where your child will spend long periods of time on merry projects, movies, group discussions -- lots of stuff other than learning anything."

Site Seeing on the Internet: The Savvy Traveler
keeping children safe from online predators. Also see

Attorney general's brochures for parents and children on Internet safety at







Websites like would not need to exist if the Massachusetts Department of Education enforced existing laws and their own regulations, holding school officials and administrators accountable. Instead, State authorities at the DOE have turned their backs on communities (parents, teachers, children, taxpayers) they are supposed to serve and protect, allowing problem administrators like former Reading Superintendent Harry Harutunian to repeatedly abuse and exploit their positions of authority. Many local school administrators also enjoy lucrative "second careers" with the DOE after they retire.
The Eagle Tribune has consistently proven to be a reliable source of information on local education issues. - is a privately-sponsored, public forum for issues concering ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS in Salem, Massachusetts. A place for The Salem Public Schools' many "dissenters" to be heard...
Salem Academy Charter School is a free public school open to all residents of Massachusetts. The school will open in 2004 with 88 students (44 sixth grade and 44 seventh grade).
Bruce R. Thompson's web site containing links to papers and information.

Public Documentation Online - Visit websites offering basic public information to citizens of other towns in Massachusetts. Is this kind of information freely available to citizens of Reading?

School Committee minutes
Public documents

Public documents

Building Committee website, complete with E-MAILS among architects, school officials and committee members.

Request public information.

Ask questions.

Do not assume that people in positions of authority are working for the good of the community.