Reading Massachusetts Education

State Agencies

There is an urgent need for the proper State agencies and authorities to investigate questionable activities in Reading, Massachusetts. After years of waste, deception and catering to needs of architectural firms and special interest groups, an impartial, independent, outside forensic audit of the Reading School Department is long overdue. Only an extensive, comprehensive investigation (similar to that experienced by the Reading Municipal Light Department) can insure that present and future administrations will not be tainted by the actions and practices of the past.

Local officials, along with those who assist and enable them, must be held accountable for their actions.

The Massachusetts Department of Education
Websites like would not need to exist if the Massachusetts Department of Education enforced existing laws and their own regulations, holding school officials and administrators accountable. Instead, State authorities at the DOE have turned their backs on communities (parents, teachers, children, taxpayers) they are supposed to serve and protect, allowing problem administrators like former Reading Superintendent Harry Harutunian to repeatedly abuse and exploit their positions of authority. Many local school administrators also enjoy lucrative "second careers" with the DOE after they retire.

Subjects related to the Massachusetts Ethics Commission.

Office of Campaign & Political Finance
MGL Chapter 55, the Campaign Finance Law, regulates political activity by public employees and the use of public buildings and resources in campaigns (About OCPF).

Open Meeting Law
"OML" issues in Reading, Massachusetts.


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Rewarding neglect? - Stoneham Sun, 05/10/99 - School systems have to pay for maintenance out of their budgets but can harvest millions from the State for new construction. SBA reimbursements are "a pork-fest."