Reading Massachusetts Education

Dennis A. Richards

Associate Superintendent, Reading Public Schools
07/95 - Present

Assistant Superintendent of Schools
1993 - 1995

Interim Superintendent of Schools,
During the months between Superintendent Munnelly's departure and Harutunian's arrival in 1995

For years, Dennis Richards would sit quietly, rarely uttering a word during Reading School Committee Meetings. In public, Superintendent Harutunian did all the talking. Now, after the departure of Superintendent Harutunian, Associate Superintendent of Schools Dennis Richards has found his voice again. The muzzle has been removed.

Mr. Richards' education is impressive and it is highly unfortunate that, in 1995, he was not selected as Reading Superintendent instead of Harry Harutunian.

Nevertheless, during the Harutunian years, Dennis Richards' treatment of the non-profit Chinese Culture Connection (CCC) left much to be desired.

Was Richards ever in a position to defy boss Harutunian's orders? Could he have handled situations differently?

Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

Informed residents hope a better future awaits Dennis Richards and that he and Superintendent Patrick Schettini will distinguish themselves by working hard to advocate for the best interests of children, education and the Reading community.


Dennis Richard's 2003 resume [.pdf download, 64.8 KB], used when he applied for the position of Reading Superintendent of Schools.

A previous version of Dennis Richard's resume.

A 1993 Reading Chronicle article announcing the selection of Dennis Richards as Reading's Assistant Superintendent of Schools.